Fun Run Program Day 5

Time is almost up for our Fox Hill Fun Run fundraiser. If you haven’t yet, be sure to register your student(s) on and check out the giving and sharing features. Just for sharing, you can earn some pretty cool rewards, like a trip to Disney for your family!

While our fundraiser is a big part of supporting students this year, our Fox Hill Fun Run also includes amazing character enrichment through our character theme called Grand Land Adventure. You can check out these videos with your child, as well as share and donate on MYBOOSTER.COM today. Thanks for supporting Fox Hill! Our school is raising $20,000 for enrichment this year and we’re on our way!

Nightly Challenge: The class with the most new donations will get to pie the Booster Team in the face!

See Ninja Nathan’s Video Challenge!

Fun Run Program Day 4

Fox Hill Families! 

We’re on our way to reaching our goal of $20,000. Thank you for your support so far!

Did you know you can ask for pledges from ANYONE in the world? That’s right! We’re trying to get a pledge from all 50 states. Who knows someone from: Nebraska? Vermont? Kentucky? Nevada? Let them know you’re helping your school and see if they’ll make a donation to help us reach our goal. 

Click here to Register and Share on MYBOOSTER.COM!

🤩Remember, any funds raised DIRECTLY impact students and staff! Thanks so much!

Nightly Challenge: The class with the most new donations will get to Mummify the Booster Team!

Fun Run Program Day 3

Fox Hill families! 

We’re on our way to reaching our goal of $20,000 for enrichment but we need YOUR help!

💻 Register your student(s) on (They’ll get a FREE reward!)

🤩Create your Student Star Video on (If you haven’t already, check it out, they’re awesome!)

🎁 Share your student star video with friends and family.

If you are able, please consider donating to our school. (Reminder: all students get to participate in our fundraiser, no matter your ability to give!)

Our students are so excited, thanks for helping make our fundraiser great! 🙌🏼

Nightly Challenge: The class with the most new donations will have a Dance Party with the Booster Team!

Fun Run Program Day 2

Fox Hill Families! 

Our Fox Hill Fun Run has begun, and we’re on our way to reaching our goal of $20,000. Thank you so much to our families who have registered and shared their donation pages to get us to this point!

Log into MYBOOSTER.COM to learn more about tonight’s WEEKEND CHALLENGE and to share your donation page!

Once you register here are just a few of the great features for you to use:

  • Double Your Donation. After giving your donation, you can see if your employer will match your donation. Already donated? Use this link to search employer matching anytime.
  • Share Button. Use our easy templates to get the word out to family and friends about how they can support our school.
  • Student Star Video. Uncomfortable with asking others for donations directly? No problem! Simply upload a photo of your student to MYBOOSTER.COM to create a fun, engaging video starring your student. Share this on Facebook or via email or text and let the video do the talking for you.

Thank you for supporting our school! We can’t wait for the Fox Hill Fun Run happening on 11/04/2022!

Nightly Challenge Winners: Congratulations to Ms. Keefe’s 1st Grade class! They earned Game Time with the Booster team today!

Weekend Challenge: We have a bonus prize for students to earn THIS WEEKEND ONLY by getting donations on See Ninja Nathan’s Weekend Challenge Video!

Fun Run Program Day 1

Fox Hill families, your student(s) can be a part of making history! 


Head to MYBOOSTER.COM to register your student for our fundraiser and make a Student Star Video! Click the “Share Button” to share with 3 people that you know.

This year we’re trying to reach our goal of $20,000 for enrichment. Each “share” and donation gets us closer to our goal.

Meet the Fox Hill Booster Team and thank you for participating & making a difference here at Fox Hill!

Nightly Challenge: Create a Student Star Video! The class with the most Student Star videos will earn Game Time with the Booster Team! 

Registration Goal: We have a special REGISTRATION GOAL: to get as many students registered on as possible! If we can get 80% of our school registered, then our whole school will get a PJ DAY! REGISTER TODAY!

Fun Run Fundraising has begun!

Our Fox Hill Fun Run kicked off today, and we are thrilled about this year’s program!

This year, our entire school is raising funds for enrichment. Our goal is to raise $20,000, and, if you’d like to, we are inviting YOU to help!

Here’s how you can support Fox Hill PTO:

1. Register on tonight. It’s so easy!

2. Share about our fundraiser with your family and friends using the SHARE BUTTON on

3. Give a donation, if you are able.

Thank you for supporting our school! We can’t wait for the Fox Hill Fun Run happening on 11/04/2022!

Thank you!

The Fox Hill PTO would like to thank all those that attended and volunteered at the Fall Festival last Friday!  We hope all had a fun night!  Congratulations to Grade 1 for the most pumpkins in our Jack O’Lantern Walk…prizes for the grade will be coming soon!  Thank you to all the pumpkin carving participants!  Thank you to Bloom Photo by Leigh for our photo booth pictures.  For those who had their photo taken, you may access the photos on SmugMug with the password given to you Friday night. We appreciate your support and feedback. Please take a moment to let us know how we did!  We look forward to our next event!

Fox Hill Fun Run Details!

We’re only ONE week away from our Fox Hill Fun Run and our students and staff are so excited! We’re looking forward to having fun and building community together.

⭐️  Log into MYBOOSTER.COM today to get started!  ⭐️

Register & share today to help our school reach our goal of $20,000 for students & staff.

PLUS, there are only a FEW DAYS LEFT to register before 10/26/2022. This year if we get 80% of our whole school registered by the Fox Hill Fun Run, our WHOLE SCHOOL gets a PJ day!

Check out this 30 second video about our upcoming event >> Click for Fun!

Thank you for supporting our school – we are grateful for our amazing school community!

Jack O’Lantern Walk!! Pumpkin Drop off Details

🎃We are so excited for our first Jack O’Lantern Walk at the Fall Festival on 10/21. Children are invited to carve a pumpkin and we will light all the carved pumpkins and put them in a path like display for all to see during the Fall Fest! 🎃There will be a prize for the grade with the most pumpkins!! 🏆 Check out the pumpkin drop off instructions for more info!