Fun Run Program Day 1

Fox Hill families, your student(s) can be a part of making history! 


Head to MYBOOSTER.COM to register your student for our fundraiser and make a Student Star Video! Click the “Share Button” to share with 3 people that you know.

This year we’re trying to reach our goal of $20,000 for enrichment. Each “share” and donation gets us closer to our goal.

Meet the Fox Hill Booster Team and thank you for participating & making a difference here at Fox Hill!

Nightly Challenge: Create a Student Star Video! The class with the most Student Star videos will earn Game Time with the Booster Team! 

Registration Goal: We have a special REGISTRATION GOAL: to get as many students registered on as possible! If we can get 80% of our school registered, then our whole school will get a PJ DAY! REGISTER TODAY!